MacroSpheres Musings:

My Friend the Dragon II

Original G+ Post - October 04, 2016

I took this shot a couple a months ago when I was experimenting with the Canon M3 and the Metz 40MZ flash. I've been thinking about this image for a while now. Not for the technical merit, as there is plenty of room for improvement. Rather, when I view the photo it makes me smile. The memory is vivid, the time the dragonfly spent with me. It must have been an old one, not timid and shy like the young ones. Front legs grasping the twig, eyes peering over, looking at me (silly I know) with an understanding. Knowing, I'm not out to harm it. Perhaps, too tired from a life well spent to care? Whatever the case, in that time, in the instant when I photographed it, there was an connection. Perceived on my end no doubt. My logical mind tells me there was no thought on the Dragonfly's end. But isn't that what photography is about - to see things we don't normally see, to open our eyes beyond the myopic daily grind? For me it is, and all it takes is a twig, a camera, and a friend, a dragonfly.

my friend the dragon - bckyd headon -01 (1).JPG

Image Specs: Canon M3 w/60mm EF-S Macro and 36mm Tube @ ~ 2:1, f/14, SS 1/125, ISO 100, Metz 40MZ with SCA 3101 M2 Module, DIY diffuser, Compositional Crop in Post.