MacroSpheres Musings:

It's Bee(n) A Long Time

And it's good to be back. Last year my macro pursuit took a step back. I lost all my gear when my house flooded due to Hurricane Harvey.

I was really leaning towards a 5D4 setup but diffenciences in sensor technology, the lack of of a tilting LCD, the native in camera stacking functions and the silent shutter of the D850 nudged me towards Nikon. I've been fiddling with the camera for a few months now and come to the point I would like to share an image.

Shot setup - early morning on Buffalo Bayou. The bees, leaf cutters, seem much more abundant to me post Harvey versus pre. Not sure why, but I now commonly find large groups camped out on vegetation. Pre Harvey, I was lucky to stumble across one or two in the same area.

4 sleeping-bees on twig - d850 - sigma 150 - bw08.jpg

Nikon D850 with Sigma 150mm Macro and tripod rig. 45 image field stack. Initial RAW processing done in DXO PhotoLab, stacking done in Zerene, and touch up in PhotoShop.